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The plains

From Balaguer to Lleida, the river Segre flows along the western part of Catalonia plains, the river flows gently through virtually undiscovered landscape with many fruit trees. As Josep Pla ( a Catalan writer) quoted: ' From La Seu Vella bell tower in Lleida I can observe the peach trees which turn into the same colour as the sunset of this area'.The landscape seen from the train is fascinating.

La Plana del Segre ( The Segre Plains) or commonly referred to by its country folk as' La Plana d'Urgell ' is nearly all the Lleida Plains which takes in EL Segrià, part of La NOguera, Pla d'Urgell and part of Urgell. The landscape is full of history dating back from the Roman times to the Spanish civil war.
Controlling the Segre river meant conquering the territory.
There was not always unrest in this country. The Segre river has also been a kind river which brings water to the fruit fields and orchards of these villages and towns that have grown around the river.

Lleida is the capital and Balaguer one of the most important cities connected by the same river El Segre.There are some villages halfway such as Vilanova de la Barca, Vallfogona de Balaguer, Termens and Alcoletge.