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El tren dels llacs has been developed with an accessible design.

So as to guarantee the access to the contents to the great number of people.No sector of population has been excluded from it, whatever their personal, social, economic or other circumstances.

The accessibility guidelines provided by the WAI which belong to the W3C validator have been taken into account.
To sum up, this website is adapted its guidelines to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1,0 level WAI-AA , which are subject to other standards and considerations described as follows. It must be said that most of the websites of this site belong to the WAI-AA in its automatic validation (not manual one).

Standards and compatibility

All the websites comply with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional from W3C validator recommendations.
In all cases the semantics and design criteria have been followed to separate the display structure of the contents.The display of the websites contents has been carried out complying with the CSS2 from W3C validator recommendations.
These standards guarantee the access to the website information through any surfing device and recommendations from the W3C validator.

Adjustable website

To those with eyesight difficulties, we have programmed the website so as to use of the functions of the surfers to magnify the text without blurring the website
How to adjust with the Internet Explorer:
view- text size- bigger
view- text size- smaller
How to adjust with the Mozilla Firefox:
view- text size- magnify
view- text size- reduce
Hold down the Ctrl key with'-' or '+' to decrease or increase the size.

Hints for surfing

The links dispose of a title attribute with its explanation.
There are no links with the same description and deferential destinations. When possible, the links have meaning out of context.
All the contents can be seen within the same site, except the external websites.
All the attributes in terms of website visual design have been carried out using CSS. If a surfing device can not take style sheets, the content is still readable thanks to the structural marking.