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Escut de Balaguer


The ancient capital of the Urgell county, city of three cultures. It spreads out around the river Segre with an strategical location. Its origins comes from the foundation of the Islamic city of Medina Balagî. It has now become an important road network.

The city is located at the Segre river valley, river which goes right through it. The Sió river waters flow into the Segre river just right before reaching Balaguer. From Balaguer upwards, it begins the mountainous area. We find Camarasa in La Serra de Montroig at 12 km.It is also an important road network from Lleida to Andorra and from the Eastern part to Aragón.

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Places of interest

  • Medieval walled city and the Formós castle

    Medieval walled city and the Formós castle

    Balaguer still keeps medieval remains: the city walls which can be gone through all around in its highest part, and the Formós castle.This castle was the palace of the Counts of Urgell in the 12th century.
    The main gate can still be seen but the rest of it is in ruins ( as it was demolished by Ferran d'Antequera).

  • Plaça Mercadal (main square)

    Plaça Mercadal (main square)

    La Plaça Mercadal is one of the biggest porched squares in Catalonia.It takes its origin from Medieval times. A weekly town market is still held there on Saturdays. The old town centre still keeps medieval buildings such as: el carrer Avall, the Formós castle from Arabian style, the gothic church of Santa Maria, a large promenade along the city walls, the monastery of Sant Domenech and the sightseeing from El santuari del Sant Crist( sanctuary)

  • El Santuari del Sant Crist ( sanctuary)

    El Santuari del Sant Crist ( sanctuary)

    This sanctuary was built over the main mosque belonging to the Saracen.Later, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Almatà where La Mare de Deú d'Almatà was worshipped. Throughout the years it has suffered from alterations till nowadays.
    The image of Sant Crist is worshipped devoutly. From the top of el Santuari del Sant Crist we can enjoy impressive views of Balaguer and its area.

  • Museu de la Noguera (museum)

    Museu de la Noguera (museum)

    It is a highly-recommended visit to understand the traces of the Islamic faith in Catalonia from the 9th century to the Christian reconquest of the Counts of Urgell.

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