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Culture and heritage

Cultural heritage of the plain and mountain area
At the beginning of the 20th century a group of scholars from Balaguer created a magazine called Pla i muntanya, aware of their geographical location and the movements of the commercial markets.

The heritage is found from La Seu Vella in Lleida( old cathedral) overlooking the city and the plains of the LLeida lands to the legendary Ermita de la Pertusa( hermitage) in La Serra del Montsec (mountain range).
From south to north following the railway line we can visit La Seu Vella in LLeida ( old cathedral), The Diocese and Local District Museum of LLeida, The Knight Templar castle of Gardeny, The Formós castle and the city walls in Balaguer, the salt mines in Vilanova de la Sal, The Mur castle, L'ermita de la Pertusa in Corça near Ager, the ancient and commercial town centre in Salàs, the Raier's(rafters) museum and Casa Mauri(manor house) in la Pobla de Segur.
Among others, these places are part of the charm of the cultural heritage of the Lleida land- Pobla de Segur.

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