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Dinosaurs and geology

Near the train station in Tremp, 15 minutes by car, we reach the town of Isona where we invite you to visit the Dinosaurs museum. The geology is especially significant in the area of La Conca de Tremp. During the whole year hundreds of specialists from abroad visit the geological formation in El Pallars.

In the museum located in Isona (18 kms far from Tremp on the way to El Port de Comiols (Comiol's Pass), there is a unique museum, the museum of Cretaceous and Roman period. On the first floor, archaeological remains from the ancient Roman city of Aeso are exhibited, on the second floor it conserves an extraordinary collection of fossilised remains of dinosaurs and their eggs found in this area of El Pallars. On the other hand, the geology is especially significant from Camarasa to La Pobla de Segur exhibited in el Museu comarcal de les ciències naturals (Local District Natural Science Museum) in Tremp. It exhibits from geological formations of this area which at that time would have formed part of the sea and small sandy beaches to origins of the Montsec and Boumort in the Prepyrenees.

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