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Escut de La Pobla de Segur

La Pobla de Segur

It is the most important town in Pallars Jussà, stretching for some 34 kilometres, with approximately 3,000 inhabitants.
It is wealthy way of life depends on excellent trades, agriculture and cattle.

It is located at an altitude of 525m above sea level and enjoys a mild climate all year round, taking into account its Prepyrenean location.
The river Flamisell divides the town into two main town centres. Going into the town by the main road c-13 former c-147, coming from Tremp we reach to an industrial estate and services on the left, and on the right an area with modern buildings(holiday resort) facing the head of Sant Antoni lake and the mouth of the Noguera Pallaressa river.
A weekly market takes place every Wednesday including holiday. Its feasts are held on May 8th (Sant Miquel Patron saint) and on June 18th (Verge de la Ribera Patron Saint) coinciding with the Promopallars fair. It is an exhibition to promote agricultural and food products from El Pallars.

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Places of interest

  • Modernist casa Mauri (manor house)

    Modernist casa Mauri (manor house)

    You can visit the old installations of the ancient oil mill in La Pobla. The mill exhibits all types of industrial machinery used to produce oil.
    On the lowest floor, there are photographic files and documents of the town.
    The sculpture of Sant Josep in the façade was made by Josep Llimona. Casa Mauri( manor house) is a modernist mansion. The tessellated pavement(mosaic) was a LLuis Bru's work.
    Nowadays it belongs to the town council of La Pobla de Segur. This place owns gardens of that time.

  • Espai Raier

    Espai Raier

    Coming to The Rafters Space and knows the history of this ancient craft of wood processing and river transport on the river. Here you will find the tools that were used, an exhibition of traditional costumes, a very important bibliographic collection and a raft of real size. You can also read about Rafters Day, a festival declared of national interest and we held the first weekend of July.
    We find the Poblas' Square, next to the train station.

    Hours: weekends from 11:30 to 13:30 and 16:00 to 17:30.

    Price for train travelers: 2 € / person

  • La Vall Fosca

    La Vall Fosca

    It is a narrow valley stretching from north to south along the river Flamisell flowing into Noguera Pallaressa river in la Pobla de Segur.
    The main locations worth visiting in this valley are: Museu de la central hidroelectrica de Capdella( Hydroelectric museum of Capdella) and teleferic dels llacs( lake's cableway).

  • Serra del Boumort (deer's braying)

    Serra del Boumort (deer's braying)

    Serra del Boumort is a mountain range at an altitude of 2070m very close to La Pobla.
    In Autumn the deers are in their rutting season. During this period the males of the species bray constantly, known as the braying season. Visitors can see the deers and their braying can be heard all around el Boumort.

  • El congost de Collegats ( a natural gorge)

    El congost de Collegats ( a natural gorge)

    It is a very narrow natural passage formed by the river Noguera Pallaressa before reaching La Pobla.
    The former road used to go through it, with a great number of bends following the route of the impressive Collegats .
    Nowadays it can be visited on foot, by MTB and enjoy its spectacular geological shapes.

  • Estany de Montcortés (lake)

    Estany de Montcortés (lake)

    It is located at 3o minutes to the north from La Pobla between la Vall Fosca and El Pallars. It is an idylic place for the romantic ones located at an altitude of 1065 m and a longitude of 500m width and 35m depth.

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