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Escut de Salàs de Pallars

Salàs de Pallars

The medieval town of Salàs de Pallars is located between Tremp and La Pobla de Segur.

It is a walled town known by its farm-yards, the recovery of old trade, the arts and crafts fair and mainly its cattle fair. It used to be one of the most important fairs of the country and nowadays it has been recovered. As it is a town near Sant Antoni lake, it is an ideal place to enjoy its water and practise a wide range of water sports mainly in El Piole area.

Places of interest

  • Sant Antoni lake

    Sant Antoni lake

    This lake is an important place to practise water sports such as Kayak, water skiing, windsurfing among others. Moreover, there are some authorized areas for swimming surrounded by a landscape of natural beaches and trees half sunk which can be used for help when swimming.

  • Centre for Interpreting the old trade

    Centre for Interpreting the old trade

    This centre is the starting point to visit an old grocer`s shop, a barber's and a chemist's. Theses places have turned into an itinerant museum where the visitor can recall those trademarks which have been present in the most recent past. It gathers up small items belonging to the everyday life throughout hundred years of history.

  • Font i salt d'aigua de Rivert( spring and waterfalls)

    Font i salt d'aigua de Rivert( spring and waterfalls)

    Rivert is an small town at 5 km from Salàs in the northern side along a winding road. We will discover la font de Dalt ( a spring) whose water comes from a cave in the mountain. Birds like the Pyrenean newt(triton) which is in danger of extinction can be observed.
    In la Font de Baix( a spring) , you will enjoy visiting the washing-place and the spectacular waterfalls from an old mill.

  • the arcades

    the arcades

    At the end of the 19th century some of the arcades from Sant Cebrià alt street disappeared and their remains were destroyed in the 60's (20th century)because of the new agricultural machinery.


  • The church of Sant Pere

    The church of Sant Pere

    The Parish church of Sant Pere dated back from an indefinite time in the 17th century or beginning of the 18th century.
    The latest news about the existence of the castle situated in the same location where the parish church of Nostra Senyora del Coll( dated from 1628) is raised nowadays. It was first mentioned as parish in 1758 and it only remains the top of this romanesque building. It was partially demolished in 1841, when by royal decree it was prohibited to bury in the town. Then the cemetery was moved to this location.


  • the walled city

    the walled city

    It is a walled enclosure, with three circular towers. Two of them dated back from the high Middle Ages period in the 10th and 11th century and the other one from the low Middle Ages period.
    All of them were modified and strengthened during the Pallars war against Fernando el Católico in 1484.
    The different gates which defend the town from attacks are related to these towers.


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