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Sant Llorenç de Montgai

Sant Llorenç de Montgai is known for its lake where a wide variety of water sports and leisure activities can be practised such as rowing with kayak along the calm waters of the lake. You can also practise fishing. This area has been declared Natural wildlife reserve.

The town, at the foot of the lake, belongs to Camarasa area.The ruins of an ancient Saracen castle are over a hillock in the western part ot the town. The lake stretches out along the road lined with weeping willows trees up to reaching the lake's barrier.I was built by la Canadenca in 1935. The Romanesque church is worth visiting. Sant LLorenç de Montgai is an excellent place to observe water birds.

Places of interest

  • Didactic Archaelogical Park

    Didactic Archaelogical Park

    The Didactic Archaelogical Park is located over the railway station. It is an open-air place where archaelogical collections from the area have been recreated for its informative and didactic exploitation for schools (during school year) and for the General Public. Workshops available such as: simulated digging, silex carving, cave painting, archery , javelin and so on. You can also enjoy its picnic area. The PAD (didactic archaelogical park) forms a part of the European network of open-air archaelogical museums known as EXARC (European Exchange on Archaelogical Research and Communication). Other activities around the PAD: Guided tours in the Prehistoric site of La Roca dels Bous, in L'Ermita (hermitage) and in the Sant Llorenç castle.

  • Natural wildlife reserve

    Natural wildlife reserve

    This area takes up part of the confluence of the waters coming from the Segre and Noguera Pallaressa rivers which are definitely joined in Sant Llorenç lake. The natural wildlife reserve takes up an area of 468 hectares and birds like the great crested grebe, the grey heron, the marsh barrier, the purple heron and the savi's warbler can be observed.


  • The town of Camarasa

    The town of Camarasa

    The town of Camarasa is located at 12 km to the north of Balaguer, suspended in the hillside of la serra de Carbonera nearby where the Noguera Pallaresa and Segre rivers are joined. It used to be a border pass to the Pyrenees from the Plains. Since the 11th century, during the reconquest period, it has suffered from many waves of destruction because of its strategical location.

  • El merengue- civil war`s memory

    El merengue- civil war`s memory

    El merengue is a high location between Camarasa and Sant Llorenç de Montgai where hundreds of war fighters from both sides died during the civil war.The visit is admission free( on your own). Moreover, there are interpretative signs which explain the battle and its significance for this emblematic place.

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