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The train and its Route

The train and its Route

The train and its route was formally opened on February 3, in 1924 (Lleida - Balaguer)

The railway line from Lleida to La Pobla de Segur was a transpyrenean project with the aim of connecting the city of Lleida with Saint Girons in France, through El Port de Salau( Salau Pass) along a route of 89,35 kilometres.

The railway line Lleida-La Pobla de Segur has connected these two Catalan cities since 1951. This infrastructure is property of FGC (railway operator of La Generalitat) since 2005.

70% per cent of the passengers are gathered in the Lleida- Balaguer section, considered a suburban train. The rest of the journey, which goes across The Prepyrenees in Lleida till reaching La Pobla de Segur, is of more tourist kind.

It takes one hour and 50 minutes to do the journey.
Technical features:

  • Length: 89,35 kilometres of track without electrifying.
  • Gauge: Iberian (1.668 m).
  • Train stations: 17.
  • Tunnels: 41.
  • The longest tunnel: Palau, amb 3.499m length below La Serra de Mont-roig.
  • Bridges: 31.
  • The longest bridge: Bridge over the Segre river in Balaguer(160m length)
  • Level crossings: 21.
  • Type of blocking: by phone.

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