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Escut de Tremp


It is the most extensive town in Catalonia stretching for 303,97 kilometres. The population was around 6,700 inhabitants in the 2006 census. The train station is located at the western part of the town.

In 1959 , 1,9 square kilometres from Talarn (Adoberies, Pedrera and the cemetery suburbs) were attached to Tremp.
Because of its joining with the towns of Sapeira(in 1970), Espluga de Serra(in 1970), Gurp de la Conca(in 1970), Fígols de la Conca(in 1970), Vilamitjana(in 1972),Palau(in 1972)and Suterranya(in 1973) has become the largest town in Catalonia.

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Places of interest

  • The vultures valley

    The vultures valley

    This valley is a magical and heavenly place in the northern part of Montsec in Tremp, with its spectacular massif of la Serra de Sant Gervás at an altitude of 1800m. Because of the large number of vultures, a Casal dels Voltors has been built in the town of La Torre de Tamúrcia. Live images of the vultures can be seen with a remote-controlled camera.

  • Antic hospital dels Pobres( old hospital for poor people)

    Antic hospital dels Pobres( old hospital for poor people)

    This place was founded by the doctor Jaume Feilla in 1521, now is the site for the Court of First Instance.
    It is a building dated back from the 11th century with gothic remains, mainly in the old chapel. Along its history has had different uses such as: hospital for poor people, state school, prison and municipal warehouse.


  • Basilica de la Mare de Déu de Valldeflors

    Basilica de la Mare de Déu de Valldeflors

    The origin of the church is dated from the 11th century, although its present appearance and structure are due to different changes, and a mixture of different styles.
    The name of Basilica was given by the Pope Pio XII in 1923 and it is a one-floor structure. It is consecrated to La Verge de Valldeflors, a gothic found Virgin substitutes the original one, which disappeared in a fire that destroyed the high altar.


  • Epicentre – The Pallars Jussà Visitors Center

    Epicentre – The Pallars Jussà Visitors Center

    Located in Tremp downtown, the Epicentre has more that 700 square meters of exhibition space, including a 3D room, showing the best of the region: geology and dinosaurs, the dark sky of the Pallars, the historical legacy, legends, etc...

  • Talarn


    Talarn is a town which does not have a train stop but the train crosses the hillsides of the town.
    It is a highly- recommended visit because of its medieval remains and its landscape.

  • The dinosaurs route and its museum

    The dinosaurs route and its museum

    The southern part of El Pallars Jussà, and in particular the area of La Conca Dellà is an important site of palaentogical remains, including dinosaurs eggs and fossil footprints.
    The museum and the Cretaceous park is located at the town of Isona, 15 minutes by car from Tremp.
    The museum provides a tour guide who will show you the dinosaurs remains found in this area, near L'estany de Basturs. It has one floor devoted to the ancient Roman city of Aeso which occupied these lands 2000 years ago.

Tourist attractions along the line

  • Nature


    Leaving from La Mitjana Park to follow up the river to Sant Llorenç de Montgai where we find a Nature...

  • Culture and heritage

    Culture and heritage

    The heritage is found from La Seu Vella in Lleida( old cathedral) overlooking the city and the plains of...

  • Sports tourism

    Sports tourism

    For the trekking lovers you can go along the newly opened path in Lleida. You will find the best offers...

  • Astronomy


    The COU ( centre for observing the Universe)is a multi-spacial centre with areas for play and training....

  • Bird watchers routes

    Bird watchers routes

    One of the best places to observe the Lammergier or the Eurasian Griffon Vulture is at the Vultures...

  • Dinosaurs and geology

    Dinosaurs and geology

    In the museum located in Isona (18 kms far from Tremp on the way to El Port de Comiols (Comiol's Pass),...